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Hair Removal

Why choose laser over electrolysis?

Laser is a quick and effective method to permanently reduce and remove unwanted hairs, especially on larger areas of the body such as legs. Though a larger area can be treated with this method, the laser only targets the melanin, meaning those with lighter colored hair may not be the best candidates for the laser treatment.

How does laser work?

A gentle beam of light is emitted and passes through the skin to the hair follicle and is absorbed by the follicle (which is underneath the skin’s surface) and disables it. The laser destroys the follicle with the heath that it generates. The destroyed hairs are either dissolved within the skin or rejected by the body (fall out or slough off) within 7-10 days. Unlike other methods that focus on removing individual hairs, laser treatments quickly treat a larger area of hair at once.

Is laser permanent?

Results will vary depending on the sin and hair type. Is is approximately 80-90% effective for permanent hair removal, and for hair that does return, it is lighter and softer. One much remember that the laser targets the melanin, therefore it works best on darker hair as opposed to lighter hair.

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