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Electrolysis is Permanent Hair Removal for all hair and skin types.

Is electrolysis permanent?

Yes, because it permanently destroys the hair root, which is the part that makes the hair grow back (regenerate). It is the only truly permanent method of hair removal. 


How does electrolysis work?

A very fine sterile probe is inserted along the side of the hair in the follicle and a quick electric current is directed to the hair root, destroying the hair growth tissue allowing for easy removal of each treated hair. The process of electrolysis will dry up the hair follicle eliminating its regenerative ability resulting in permanent hair removal. Since hair grows in stages, you will notice regrowth that may appear to be the same hair that was already treated, but the new growth seen is actually hair on a different growth cycle or new growth due to stimulation in that area. Stimulation of growth in the area can be a result of waxing, tweezing, and chemical treatments such as depilatories. With the appropriate routine regimen for each individual, one can expect the best results possible.


What do I do about the hair between electrolysis treatments? 

Do Not pluck or wax the area! We suggest that you trim the hair with a pair of scissors until you are able to return for treatment. When you pluck or wax between treatments, you are only stimulating hair growth in that area and if you are already having electrolysis treatments, you are taking steps back to square one. Continuing Proper treatment will slow down the growth in the area eventually resulting in permanency.


Is electrolysis painful?

Discomfort during electrolysis is relative to each individuals tolerance and the area being treated.  There is a pinch sensation when the hair root is being treated because each follicle is surrounded by a network of nerve endings. Some parts of the body such as the lip are more sensitive than others; therefore, we offer a topical anesthetic cream (which numbs the skin) that can be applied before treatment to alleviate most of the discomfort. 


Is electrolysis safe, effective, and approved?
Probe (needle) type of electrolysis is proven to be the only safe method of permanent hair removal that is currently recognized be the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). 


Does electrolysis work for men?

Yes. Electrolysis can permanently remove face and neck hair, bushy eyebrows, hair in and around the ear, as well as the back, chest, and more. Electrolysis is especially effective for areas that are prone to have ingrown hairs. For those who have a large area to be treated with dark hair, this method may be best teamed with laser hair removal to achieve quicker results. Consult your Electrologists if this is what you may be interested in doing.


What are the side effects of electrolysis?

There may be a little bit of redness and/or slight swelling immediately following the treatment. This usually disappears anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. We offer a cold compress to apply to the area after treatment which will aid in the slowing of any swelling as well as an application of fragrance free/color free aloe vera gel to soothe the area. Aloe Vera gel can be applied as often as possible to keep the skin hydrated. It is also recommended that if the treated area was on the face, it is best to apply the least amount of makeup possible and avoid excessive sun exposure (such as swimming and working in the yard) for the next few days until you see how your skin reacts to the treatment. If you need to go in the sun, apply a generous amount of sunscreen (with an SPF 15 minimum) every two to three hours for maximum results.


How long does electrolysis take to achieve permanency?

There are many factors that contribute to the number and length of treatments one will need.Some of the factors include the number of hairs in the area, the sensitivity of the skin, the area being treated, previous methods of treatment, heredity, etc. Due to the different needs of each individual, your electrologists can determine a customized series of treatments that will alter as the hair in the area treated diminishes. The closer one adheres to the treatment schedule given, the more effective your treatment program will be in helping you free yourself of unwanted hair permanently. 


How many electrolysis treatments are needed?

Treatments will be more frequent in the beginning and less frequent as your course of treatment progresses. Eventually the hair in the area being treated will cease to grow from the follicles in that particular area. Then, since with age our hormone levels change, you will only come in as needed for cleanups if you notice any new growth, or unruly hairs appear. 


Are all hairs eliminated from one spot after electrolysis treatment?

Deep, course hairs are not always eliminated after one treatment. Due to the cyclic nature of hair growth, new hairs, as well as hair emerging from a dormant phase, will be treated at the same time; thus, it will take several treatments of an area to ensure that most hairs in the area are eliminated.